Marble tile in ChesterfieldMarble has long been prized for its high-end look and natural beauty. Most Chesterfield homeowners are familiar with sleek white marble – but there are so many more colors and patterns to choose from! The luxurious look and feel of marble tile means it will certainly add a statement to your space. However, marble tile has also developed a reputation for being high-maintenance – and with good reason. Marble can be prone to staining, etching, and cracking, and so it must be treated carefully in order to maintain its classic look.

Before deciding if marble is right for your home, consider these tips from our Floor Coverings International West County, MO experts:

About Marble Tile

Though homeowners are usually most familiar with gray and white marble, it is actually available in a wide range of colors – some more dramatic, some more neutral. Here are a few common varieties:

  • Breccia marble has a very pronounced pattern of swirls and streaks, usually in a warmer beige tone. It slightly resembles travertine with its natural, weathered appearance.
  • Carrara marble is a soft white color with subtle gray streaks. Because of its sleek, neutral appearance, it has become popular for both contemporary and traditional homes.
  • Calacatta marble looks similar to carrara, but it has a starker white color and more dramatic dark streaks. It is also more rare and therefore more expensive.

Whether you use marble tile on your floor, in your backsplash, or in your shower, know that it will require special care. Orange juice, coffee, and other acidic substances can cause stains if not cleaned up immediately. Even long-term exposure to water can etch a marble surface. To keep marble tile looking new, you should have it professionally sealed every year or so. In addition, marble is a softer natural stone, so it can be scratched by sharp objects and worn down by foot traffic.

There is no doubt that marble tile can be a beautiful addition to any Chesterfield home. However, homeowners should be aware that marble requires continued maintenance, which can make this already pricey material more expensive in the long run.

If you’d like to learn more about marble tile or see product samples for your home, call Floor Coverings International West County, MO today! We provide free in-home estimates and consultations.

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