polyester carpet in ChesterfieldPolyester carpet is a solid choice for areas of your Chesterfield home that have light foot traffic. Polyester is highly affordable, and you can even find polyester carpets made from recycled materials. Add to this the fact that it dyes so easily that it’s available in nearly every color of the rainbow, and you have a floor covering that could be just what you’re looking for.

Read on to learn more about the advantages of polyester carpet from Floor Coverings International West County, MO.

Polyester Carpet is Economical

Typically more economical to buy than nylon, polyester carpet may be a good choice for rooms that boast a large square footage. Soft and luxurious underfoot, polyester carpeting turns any room into a private sanctuary just prime for pampering.

Polyester Is a Good Choice for Bedrooms

Polyester carpet is typically a good choice for bedrooms because these are usually low-traffic areas. Although it’s plush and pretty in appearance, polyester fibers crush more easily than their nylon counterparts. Frequent vacuuming to rearrange the fibers can help keep this from becoming too much of a problem.

Polyester Carpeting Is Highly Stain Resistant

Quite impervious to staining, polyester is easily wiped clean if you catch spills right away. It does, however, tend to attract oils, so it’s best to use this type of floor covering in an area of the home where dirt and oils from outside won’t be tracked in. Keep it away from entrances and hallways, and use area rugs or runners in areas where guests spend a lot of time.

 Polyester Is Fade-Resistant

Unlike some other floor coverings, polyester keeps its color well over time. Not even natural light will cause much damage to your polyester carpeting. This keeps carpets looking newer for longer.

Eventually, you’re probably going to have to replace polyester carpeting. Though it can look great and feel wonderful for years, ultimately, the fibers may crush, giving a bit of a matted appearance. However, polyester is still an excellent value for homeowners on a tight budget.

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