jute carpet in ChesterfieldJute is a natural fiber that’s both eco-friendly and attractive, and when used in rugs and carpets, is easy to clean, attractive and serviceable. If you haven’t considered jute as an alternative to synthetic carpets, you might – once you hear all that this natural fiber has to offer.

Here are some of the reasons our Floor Coverings International West County, MO experts recommend jute carpet for Chesterfield homeowners:

Jute is Ethically Sourced

Fast-growing without the use of fertilizers and pesticides, Jute reaches full size within 4-to-6 months and requires little water to thrive. It’s completely biodegradable and recyclable and makes the soil that surrounds it much more fertile for other plants. This ranks it high on the scale as an eco-friendly building material.

Jute Carpet is Attractive

If you’re picturing a carpet or rug made from rough textures and hoary threads, stop right there. Jute carpeting is incredibly soft when mixed with other fibers, such as chenille — soft enough for children to play on. Its thick, plushy texture is a luxurious and attractive addition to any space.

Jute is Versatile

While jute carpet is typically a natural, light-brown or tan color, today’s jute carpets and rugs can contain color variations that complement most design schemes. Easy to match, jute’s natural earth tones are calming and warm. They blend well with most wall colors and help to provide a neutral palate for accessorizing.

Jute Carpet is Easy to Maintain

Every homeowner appreciates decor that’s easy to clean and to maintain, and jute falls under that category. When vacuumed regularly, jute stays clean and attractive. Just remember to avoid spilling liquids on your jute carpeting, as the natural fibers are exceedingly absorbent.

When it’s time to buy new floor coverings for your Chesterfield home, explore the many beautiful options that are offered by jute carpet. Natural, ethical and attractive, this is one floor covering you’ll feel good about installing in your home. Long-lasting, luxurious and warm, jute is sure to please. Call and schedule a free consultation with Floor Coverings International West County, MO to get started!

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