Carpet in Chesterfield

Are you looking to replace your aging carpet or install a new one in your Chesterfield home? Before you start shopping, you will need to know which type of carpeting will work best for your lifestyle and budget. Fortunately, the Floor Coverings International West County, MO experts are here to help.

Cut or Loop Pile?

A cut pile carpet is sometimes known as shag, textured, or frieze carpet. The loops of carpeting material are cut to produce a thicker and softer feel to the flooring.  No matter how dense the pile is, cut pile collects dirt much faster than loop pile, but is nicer to walk on.  Loop pile can have very tight, short loops for a fairly smooth walking surface or a luxurious deep pile. Loop pile is often described as Berber or level loop. Because it doesn’t have loose ends, the loop pile tends to be more durable.

Sculpted Pile

For a more dramatic appearance, sculpted carpeting combines both loop and cut pile to create a multi-layered effect. This technique is often used to create floral images or lend more depth to a geometric design.  These rugs are more difficult to keep clean and heavy traffic will beat down the taller cut pile over time.  They are a nice addition for low traffic areas in bedrooms, home offices, or as an accent beneath a table.

Polyester, Nylon, or Wool?

If you’re shopping for a rental unit or anticipate that you will be replacing the carpeting in just a few more years, polyester provides an economical option available in all the textures and colors of more expensive carpets. Nylon offers long-lasting durability for a reasonable cost, and does a good job of standing up to cleaning. Wool is the classic material found in high-end carpeting since it is able to stand up to heavy traffic, but it comes at a premium price.

For more help on choosing a carpet, talk to the Floor Coverings International West County, MO experts. We offer free consultations to homeowners in Chesterfield and beyond.

Photo Credit: Breadmaker