shutterstock_278918126When it comes time to redo your floors, there are so many different options available it can be hard to pick only one. Hardwood, carpet, and tile are just a few flooring types and even then there are still hundreds of colors and designs to choose from. At Floor Coverings International of West County, we want to make the process of choosing new flooring as easy and painless as possible. Here’s some helpful dos and don’ts to help you select the flooring that is right for you.


Do: Know Your Budget

With a better understanding of what you’re able to spend, you can start your search off in the right perimeters. Nothing feels worse than finding the perfect flooring and then realizing it costs double what you’re willing to spend. There are plenty of affordable and stylish types of flooring out there, so there’s no need to worry about having to settle.


Don’t: Be Closed Minded

Many people have decided the flooring they want before they even begin to search. While it’s easy to go with the classics, like hardwood and carpet, there’s a world of other flooring types that may actually work better for you. For example, cork is a lesser known flooring material that works very well in playrooms because of its durability and cushioned feel.


Do: Know Your Needs

You may have your heart set on hardwood floors, but if you have twelve dogs and your kids are tap dancers who practice everyday at home, it’s probably not the best choice. That’s an exaggerated example, but its basic message is that some floors might just not be pragmatic or a good fit. Keep you and your family in mind when looking for new flooring.


Don’t: Be Afraid To Ask For Help

It’s okay to admit that you might not know everything there is to know about flooring. In fact, that’s probably why you’re reading this article in the first place! Contacting flooring professionals, like us here at Floor Coverings International of West County, is a great resource when looking for flooring.
If you’re interested in getting new flooring or want to learn more about the different flooring types available, contact the experts at Floor Coverings International. We proudly serve the West County, St. Charles County, Chesterfield, Baldwin, and O’Fallon area.