Floor Coverings International West County, MO had the great pleasure of interviewing local interior designer, Gail Mohrmann. Getting to know the interior trends and popular design styles in our area helps us find the perfect flooring choice for your home. Thank you to Gail for sharing your insight, creativity, and experience with us. Take a look at the full interview here!

West County Interior Designer Gail MohrmannPlease tell us a little about yourself.

I have had the pleasure of working in the design business for the past 15 years. All of my business comes solely from referrals. Which makes me very happy, because that tells me I have made my clients satisfied with their projects. My job is to give them a real sense of happiness when they walk into their home or office. My clients spend a lot of time there, so I want them to enjoy their environment while being at home or work. It’s a privilege to help them reach this goal!
I am married and have 3 grown children and 6 grandchildren, with 3 on the way! So any spare time is spent with all of them. I’m very blessed since they all live in St. Louis.  I absolutely love being outside either in my garden or riding my bike. I have also had the pleasure of designing many landscaping projects for my clients.

How would you describe your design style and what is one signature piece you love to use?

My design style changes with every client. I feel you have to adapt to what’s important to them. If you’re working with a busy family with children, things need to be a little more relaxed, however, some clients like every detail in their design. So I’m there to help them create their vision, maybe relaxed, tailored, uncluttered, timeless, whatever. My job is to make them happy when they step into that room, yet have a good sense of color and design.
One piece I like to use is lamps. Lamps offer a warm and inviting look. Overhead lighting and can lights are great, however, they don’t give that warm and inviting feeling that I think is so important for a room.

What advice would you have for a homeowner in the process of decorating a home?

One piece of advice I would give to a home owner decorating a home is take it slowly. Projects take a lot of time and money, so you want to be sure of your choices and decisions. Take one room at a time, don’t try to decorate an entire house at the same time. You’ll only get frustrated. You may have to live with what you have done for a while and then move on to the next room. Believe it or not it should be fun and exciting!

What’s one design or flooring trend to watch in 2017?

I think a trend in design is making your home your own. It’s not about complying to something you are not comfortable with. Today we put old with new, different wood tones together, painted furniture with stained, special pieces that have meaning into a room. It doesn’t have to be quite so perfectly matched as in past years.

Tell us about a recent project you’re proud of.

One of my recent projects I’m most proud of is designing and decorating a great room. My client didn’t want the built-in bookshelves that the builder had to offer. So I had to come up with a different idea, however still serve her purpose.  I found these book shelves that fit perfectly on each side of her fireplace. We created the openness she wanted yet some storage that she needed for audio equipment. The cabinets had several shelves in the top half and dark brown painted backboards. I removed the shelves and painted the backboards a deep gray color. Then filled the top half with interesting items that I found. From there I continued with designing and decorating the room with white antique tables to compliment the bookshelves. My client really wanted to bring yellow into the room so I used tones of grays in the walls and furniture with accents of yellow. We had a great time selecting unique finishes and playful yellow pieces to had to the room. Everyone was thrilled with the results.

Take a look at the photos here as well as more from other local projects!

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