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Vinyl flooring is made of a plastic material that is then overlaid with an image or pattern. One of the reasons vinyl is so unique is because it can be made to look like almost any other material. With recent technological advances, vinyl flooring can now also feel like many other materials. If you’re a Chesterfield homeowner looking for a versatile, unique flooring, then follow along as Floor Coverings International West County, MO takes you through some of the great ways to customize your home with patterned vinyl flooring.

Modular Design

Because vinyl is available in tile form, it allows homeowners to mix and match individual tiles to create patterns and designs that uniquely work in their personal space. This modular way of designing your flooring allows you to not only customize with patterned tiles, but with solid colored tiles that can be arranged in a myriad of ways. Whether you use wildly different colors or a monochromatic scheme, you can design floors with checkerboard, herringbone, chevron, and other patterns to elevate the look of any room.


Whether you have a traditionally styled home, a modern aesthetic, or rustic décor, there is a patterned vinyl flooring option that exists that will work for your space. Because the vinyl base is printed with an image on top, this essentially means that anything that can be made into an image can then be turned into vinyl flooring.

Beyond vinyl plank and vinyl tile, which mimic the look of hardwood and tile flooring respectively, vinyl flooring can be created with flowers expanding across its surface, various geometric shapes crisscrossing over one another, or polka dots spattered across the floor. There are so many available designs and patterns that will make personalizing your space easy to do.

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