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Tile coloring is something that deserves careful attention when considering new flooring for your home in the Chesterfield area. The color of your tiles can say a lot about the room and its owner! There is no wrong way to color-code your own living space, but to make sure you are creating the feeling that you want for your home, consider the craft of room coloring and follow these guidelines from Floor Coverings International West County, MO!

The Color Wheel

Red, blue and yellow are considered “primary” colors, while green, purple and orange are “secondary.” When you combine a primary with a secondary, you get a tertiary! In 1666, Sir Isaac Newton developed the first color circle diagram, linking colors together and categorizing them as either “analogous” or “complementary.”

Analogous colors are any three colors located adjacent to one another on a circle. If the color of your tile flooring is analogous to the color of your walls, this can create a calm feeling, almost as though the colors get along with each other! This works especially well in a bedroom or a lounge where you prefer to relax.

Complementary colors are located precisely opposite one another on a color circle. If the color of your tiles is complementary to the color of your walls, this creates a sense of energy! The high contrast of complementary colors brings a vibrant enthusiasm to rooms where you may plan on entertaining guests.


Tiles can also be color-coordinated with each other, so that they create complements or analogies without comparison to the wall. Variegation is the different coloring of sections on a surface. If the patterning on the wall is already variegated, then multiple color patterns on your tile floor can become overly complex. The benefit of variegated floor tile is that it can effectively hide dirt or scuffs to your tiles.chesterfield choosing tile color

Light, Dark and Grout

In general, light-colored tiles create a sense of space, and darker colors are better for a cozy setting. Additionally, color coordination can be implemented with colored grout! The same principles apply here, so consider what kind of feeling you’d like to create before playing around with grout and tile colors.

Looking for Expert Advice?

A little study of the color wheel can take you on the path toward customized tile that sets you at ease or invigorates you in your home in the Chesterfield area. Let us help you select the right flooring and create a customized living space you will love. Call at the number below or schedule a free in-home consultation with Floor Coverings International West County, MO at your convenience!

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