Hardwood flooring in St. Charles

Hardwood floors are rated on the Janka hardness scale to help inform consumers about their durability. Surprisingly, the hardest woods in existence don’t make good flooring. Instead, woods that are in the middle of the scale are better because they are easy to work with, but still resistant to scratches and dents. Read on to learn about some very durable (but not too durable!) hardwood flooring options you can find at Floor Coverings International® of Chesterfield.


There are two types of cherry hardwoods: one that is native to North America and one that is from South America, Brazilian cherry. American cherry has a hardness rating of 950, which places it in the softer wood category, but still has a decent strength to resist stains and scratches. The harder species is Brazilian cherry, which has a high score of 2820— though its durability, exotic nature, and hardness usually come with a heftier price tag.


Maple is a common tree in North America, but there are both hard and soft types. Hard maple, which is also called sugar maple or rock maple, is the harder floor that homeowners choose. Hard maple has a Janka score of 1450 with a delicate, light tone and fine, straight grains that can be easily sanded and stained.


Oak is another plentiful North American wood that’s known for its natural hardness and affordability. Both red oak and white oak are easy to stain and work with due to their moderate Janka hardness ratings and natural light hues. Red oak scores 1290 while white oak scores 1360. Red oak has a reddish hue that white oak doesn’t have, which alters the results of stains slightly.


Hickory is another common hardwood that is a strong flooring option. It has an 1820 rating on the Janka hardness scale, which makes it one of the most durable domestic North American hardwoods. It has excellent design potential that comes from its dramatic grains and color variation.

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Photo © Patryk Kosmider