Area rugs are the perfect way to bring comfort to harder flooring, such as natural stone or wood. Matching your area rugs to your floors can tie your entire home together, and add a new level of visual appeal. Floor Coverings International® of Chesterfield has compiled our favorite tips for creating a stunning home by expertly pairing area rugs to different types of flooring.

Hardwood Flooring

With hardwood flooring, you can choose area rugs that compliment or contrast the shades of your floors. If your floors have a reddish hue, warm-toned rugs are stunning. Dark hardwood floors can be paired with light and bright area rugs. Light hardwood flooring can match a versatile array of color schemes, from bright lime green to rich browns.

Patterned rugs go well with hardwood floors that have simple and understated grain patterns. If your hardwood flooring has a dynamic and distinct grain pattern, choose an area rug that has a simple pattern or no pattern at all. For a rustic hardwood, vintage patterns can be beautiful. Light and modern woods, such as bamboo or pine, will look stunning with similarly modern patterns.

area rug and hardwood flooring

Natural Stone Flooring

Natural stone flooring already comes equipped with beautiful colors and patterns. For marble, it’s best to choose area rugs with minimal or no pattern at all. Other natural stones, such as slate, tend to have a more understated pattern. This gives you more flexibility when picking area rug and stone floorsa pattern for your area rug.

When choosing colors, you should base your decision on the shade of your stone floors. Warm and earthy tones, such as those often seen in travertine, go well with area rugs in shades of red and orange. Pick darker colors for your rugs to avoid having them blend in with your floors.

Gray slate and cool-toned marble will go well with similarly cool-toned area rugs. An intriguing and modern choice it to maintain a monochrome look. Black and white can be stunning, but if you’d prefer a pop of color, high-contrast shades will stand out.

Porcelain and Ceramic

Porcelain and ceramic are extremely durable and easy-to-maintain flooring options. The only downside? They can be hard underfoot and very cold. Enter area rugs: the perfect solution. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are often solid and neutral in pattern and color, which allows you to express your creativity with colorful rugs and fun patterns.

If you’ve chosen patterned tiles, however, a solid area rug is a wonderful addition. Don’t feel the need to perfectly match your rug to the colors of your tiles – as long as they’re complementary, they’ll look great together. To be safe, you can always go with a neutral-toned area rug.

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