When it comes to picking a natural carpet for your home, many homeowners stop the decision process at wool. After all, wool is a popular, comfortable, and durable option for natural carpeting. Floor Coverings International® of Chesterfield is proud to supply a variety of other natural carpeting options to Chesterfield homes, however. Keep reading to learn more about these eco-friendly, unique, and stunning natural carpeting options that you might not have considered.

Sisal Carpeting

Sisal is created from the spiny leaves of the Agave plant. The fibers derived from Agave are sun-dried and spun together to create a durable yarn. This method gives sisal a unique texture that allows it to withstand damage. For entryways and hallways, sisal is an excellent option. This carpeting also takes to dye extremely well, giving it versatility in color and pattern.

sisal carpeting

Seagrass Carpeting

Seagrass is one of the most durable options for all-natural carpeting. The smooth fibers of seagrass can withstand dirt, stains, and wear. The high degree of stain resistance in seagrass means it doesn’t take well to dye, and is thus most often found in its natural coloring. For a home seeking a bright, natural vibe, this is hardly a disadvantage.

seagrass carpeting

Jute Carpeting

Jute carpeting is created from a plant native to subtropical Asia. The plant is soaked in water and stripped to make jute carpeting. This carpeting is soft and visually distinct, with a hand-crafted appearance. The softness of jute makes it ideal for low-traffic areas, such as bedrooms.

jute carpeting

Coir Carpeting

Coir carpeting is an extremely durable carpeting made from coconut husks. Coir is ideal for creating a natural and rustic vibe in your home. This affordable, visually distinct carpeting has a rough texture that holds up against even heavy wear-and-tear.

coir carpeting

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