As a local business, we believe in encouraging our community and shining a light on those making a difference around us. This week, we had the great pleasure of speaking with Dr. Felicity Keough about her local chiropractic business in St. Charles, Keough Chiropractic. Take a look at the interview here and be sure to follow Dr. Keough and her team on Facebook and Instagram!

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Dr. Keough

Please tell us a little about yourself.

I was born and raised in St. Charles MO and fortunate to have been raised in a chiropractic family that placed high values on living a healthy lifestyle. My grandparents opened the first Keough Chiropractic back in 1952. I’ve always had a deep passion for understanding health issues and how people can overcome health challenges and reverse dis-ease.

What is unique about Keough Chiropractic?

We are a passionate group of female professionals that strive to serve you and your family everyday. We offer a unique blend of services such as chiropractic, (prenatal and pediatric focused chiropractic), nutritional counseling, functional medicine, massage therapy, and lactation counseling.

Are there a few simple things we can do at home to avoid back strain and injury?

The best way to avoid back injury is to keep your core strong. Core is NOT just your abdominal, it includes all aspects of the core (spine, trunk muscles, glut muscles). One of the best ways to achieve this is including stretching, endurance and flexibility into your work out routine. I highly recommend yoga to all patients no matter what the age because it can address all 3 of these factors.

Can you tell us about your favorite aspect of working with patients?

I enjoy seeing patients happy and filled with hope after dealing with previous pain and/or health challenges. From newborn babies to patients in their golden years, having someone smile and tell you how much their life is changed for the better makes everything worth it.

What inspires you most about your community?

I love the St. Charles community because of the love, support, and friendliness that has always been shown to my family and me. Everyone seems too know each other too, which makes it feel like family to me.

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