The product matched our current flooring perfectly. The installers done a great job.
Marianne and Dave Shingleton
We appreciated Nancy's help and knowledge in selecting products to compliment my home. Nancy followed the process all the way through. There was a good selection of product to choose from. The work crews were friendly, professional, and efficient! Our home turned out with an updated, beautiful new look.
Elaine and Byron Alton
Salesperson and installers were very helpful. The work was of very high quality. They did very I ask.
Dean Mcglasson
Very professional n efficient.
Vindy Saini
Job was done well and on time and with very good result. Workers were polite and appeared very efficient.
Robert Oliver
Delivered and installed on time. Any issue I have had has been taken care of with timely responses.
Jim Dodd
We are so proud of our beautiful tile floor in the Laundry room! It made that my new FAVORITE space. We also REALLY love our newly Resanded kitchen floor. The workmanship is exceptionally awesome, as the finishers were fantastic! Beautifully shining Hardwood makes us feel very special. Thank you for your professional work and service!
Clint and Jayne Kasten
Product is top quality and the services were the best. The team is professional along with an excellent work ethic. The Formen & crew went over and above what was expected. I am 100% satisified with their work & product.
Glenda Schulte
Personal service
John and Jane Mueller
Easier for you to call me sometime at 314-852-8348
Dennis Flick