Coir Carpet in West County

Does your St. Louis area family prioritize sustainable, natural, living? Do you like the idea of keeping your home free of VOC’s? If you answered yes to either question, coir carpeting might be the carpet for you.

Coir carpeting, made from the husks of coconuts, is one of the oldest natural floor coverings in the world; it’s been used for centuries to keep homes warmer and cleaner. Floor Coverings International of West County is proud to offer coir as one of our many eco-friendly carpeting options.

Coir carpet’s background

Coir carpeting’s fascinating journey into homes around the world begins in India. Coconuts from the Kerala area are soaked in fresh water for months until they’re soft enough to yield their fibers. Then, those fibers are spun by hand, not machine, into yarn that will become your carpet—how many homeowners can boast handspun flooring? After spinning, the yarn is woven into coir carpets that will journey across the world to places like our very own West County, Missouri, where homeowners have been falling in love with coir’s charms.

The advantages of coir carpet

It’s easy to see why these carpets have become so popular. Coir carpeting is incredibly durable; in fact, it’s so tough and strong that its bristles are often used for doormats. All that strength means that coir carpets can be used in high traffic areas of the home where other carpeting options might not hold up. Coir carpets are also fairly water-resistant, which sets them apart from other natural flooring types, and they’re insect repellant, a major perk in the hot and muggy St. Louis area. Overall, coir carpets are a great choice for any homeowner who wants to lower their environmental impact while gaining a durable, attractive, floor covering for their home.

The disadvantages of coir carpet

Coir carpets do have a few features that might be drawbacks for some St. Louis area homeowners, though. Coir carpeting isn’t as soft as other carpeting options, so homeowners interested in coir should be sure to look at samples in our mobile showroom before investing in this carpet type. Coir carpeting also has the potential to fade if it’s exposed to too much sunlight, so it’s a good fit for rooms that aren’t exposed to constant sun.

Whether coir carpeting is right for you or you’re still in the market for the perfect flooring fit, the experts at Floor Coverings International of West County are here to help. We serve the West County, St. Charles County, Chesterfield, Baldwin, and O’Fallon areas, and we’re proud to offer free consultations and estimates to help bring your flooring vision to life. Call us today and schedule your free, in-home, carpet estimate!


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Photo: KSiOil

Are you interested in natural carpeting? Coir carpets combine beauty and durability and are a great fit for St. Louis area homes.